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Jack Brooks

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Jack Brooks


Jack Brooks was a Democratic lawmaker from Beaumont, Texas, who served in the United States House of Representatives for 42 years. Brooks has thus far remained under-the-radar of the public consciousness, yet he still influences our world today because of the quality of the legislation he wrote and supported. Chairman Brooks was and remains a fascinating person as an individual, but it was the method he followed in crafting legislation; setting realistic and balanced goals for our nation’s laws, that is his greatest legacy. Brooks’ superior example is one that every American should consider when electing our current and future representatives.

The Jack Brooks Foundation was created with the goal of helping every U.S. citizen understand how complex public policy impacts their daily lives.

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Press for “The Meanest Man in Congress”

“His story is one to remember. Read this and enjoy. The next time someone tries to tell you a decent, honorable, hard-working guy can’t get anywhere in American politics, or in the U.S. Congress, remember Jack Brooks, and rejoice.”

–Jim Wright, Former Speaker of the House

The Meanest Man in Congress: Jack Brooks and the Making of An American Century chronicles the life of Jack Brooks: a remarkable citizen and generous, diligent, and unflagging public servant. Meticulously researched, it chronicles the indefatigable lawmaker’s role in guiding the epic sweep of U.S. history during the latter half of the 20th century. From the Great Depression through WWII, the J. F. K. assassination and Civil Rights legislation, to Watergate, Iran-Contra, and the debate over gun rights under Clinton, Congressman Brooks stood for what is right and just through them all.

“You ought to be interested in helping people but you ought to be interested in helping everybody.”

–Jack Brooks