The Book: Video Interviews

Excerpts of Interviews Mentioned in the Book

Brooks as Effective Leader Even in University

by Gov. Dolph Briscoe, from page 61

Passing Lamar University Bill in the Texas State Legislature

by Gov. Dolph Biscoe, from page 116

He could gut you and still make you love him.”

Comment on Brooks’ character, by Gov. Dolph Briscoe, from page 119

Standing on Principle by Refusing to Sign Infamous ‘Southern Manifesto’

by Hon. Martin Frost, from page 160

What Brooks was ‘Up Against’ When He Refused to Support the Infamous ‘Southern Manifesto’

by A.R. ‘Babe’ Schwartz, from page 161

‘Behind the Scenes’ at the White House

by Gov. Dolph Briscoe, from page 241

Truth Behind the Impeachment of Nixon

by Gene Peters, from page 321

Bucking Simple ‘Public Opinion’, Tried to Prosecute Iran-Contra

by Hon. Beryl Anthony, from page 398

Work Ethic

Jon Yarowsky, from page 447

Standing on Principle, Voting for the Clinton Crime Bill

by Jon Yarowsky from page 488

Brooks Remaining Strong in the Face of Defeat in 1994

by Sharon Matts, from page 489